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Logo Escale CroisièreEscale Croisière is an independent website providing breaking news and information on cruising. Its aim is to bring cruising to a wider audience. Articles are richly illustrated with authentic photos and are full of insider information for regular cruise goers and would-be cruise goers. The website helps holiday makers be better informed on their cruise ship, ports of call and excursions.

Because nowadays there is so much choice in the market, cruise lines need more visibility.  Customers are looking for the advantages of vacation clubs while at the same time discovering new destinations every day.

Today, cruise passengers choose a cruise line, a destination, a cruise ship… The choice is vast and the public still lack guidelines in choosing the right cruise. This is confirmed in numerous discussion forums.

Cruises are for people from all walks of life but there are too many different sources of information. The aim of Escale Croisière is to provide one unique place to go for information, accessible to everybody with networks which include a website, Twitter and Facebook social networks and participation in discussion forums.

Crews News and social networks

You can find daily cruise news on Facebook and Twitter. Escale Croisière networks: 

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Cruise ships

Cruise passengers can discover the ships by viewing the many photos taken aboard.  Escale Croisière visitors can see the particularities of each ship and access practical information about life on board.

Ports of call

Articles on each Port of call highlight what there is to see and do based on real life passenger experiences: excursions, visits on your own… as well as boarding and landing information while docked or at anchor.


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